Ubriaco Cheese ripening under Red Wine Pomace
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Ubriaco Cheese ripening under Red Wine Pomace


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A bath of several days in wine marc was originally a typical Veneto method for facilitating the preserving of cheeses. However, it is now used mainly as a means of giving the products a particular flavour. The practice is currently widespread throughout many areas of Italy but its origins lie in and around Treviso. Red ‘drunk’ cheese is the most classic of its kind and is made with forms of Montasio and Friuli ‘Latteria’ cheeses immersed in Merlot red wine marc. The marc is not absorbed by the cheese but its perfume penetrates it and the subsequent ripening accentuates it even more.

Aged red wines. Spicy fig jam. Dolcetto wine jelly. Homemade bread.

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