Fresh Italian Clams (Vongole Veraci) from Goro
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Fresh Italian Clams (Vongole Veraci) from Goro


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The shell fish, with diversified basis weight, are packaged in airtight tubs with protected atmosphere and tubs with pasteurised molluscs. Every day, thanks to the use of personal refrigerated vans and to the corporate synergies, plus the use of services and platforms supplied by primary national companies, the packages of “live” molluscs arrive in the most important cities of the world.

The clam is a bivalve shellfish of Goro lagoon introduced in the mid 80s. It has a sturdy oval shaped shell with thin radial striae and is commonly 3-5 cm in size. The colour of the shell varies from white to gray to yellow and even black for the larger clams. The product is grown near the coast and in coastal lagoons (particularly in the north Adriatic). Clam fishing is done manually using a special tool, like a large rake, which is identified in the local dialect as "scrape".

Organoleptic data - Odour: typical of seawater, Appearance: regular, no epibionts, Colour: high chromatic polymorphism, Meat: mild sweet and salty flavour


INGREDIENTS: Just over 2 lbs of carpet-shell or littleneck clams, 1 bunch of parsley, 3 cloves of garlic, Salt to taste, Freshly ground pepper, Plenty extra virgin olive-oil, 500gr of spaghetti.

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the clams to remove any sand. The best way is to place them in a bowl overnight covered completely in salty water. After, rinse them well and drain the water. Then you can place them into an empty, hot pot, cover tightly, and leave them to steam until completely opened.

Take them off the heat and remove the clams from the juices. You'll need to pass the juice through a fine sieve or cheesecloth so that if there is any sand left over, you'll filter it out. With that done put a pan containing the olive oil and the garlic onto the heat. After the garlic has become gold in colour, remove it and add to the oil the filtered clam juice. In the meantime, put the spaghetti up to cook. Now, when the clam juice has fully mixed with the oil and has reduced a bit, it's time to add the clams, and let them sauté with the parsley and a good bit of ground pepper. Our spaghetti is cooked. I recommend straining it while it's still a tiny bit undercooked, and adding it to the pan to cook completely. Don't get rid of the pasta water just yet, because the pasta will actually finish cooking in the pan and it's good to add a bit of the starchy water at a time to keep the pasta moist until it's finished. Our beautiful plate of Spaghetti with Clams is ready. A last sprinkling of parsley, and you're ready to serve.

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These are amazing!! I just wish you could order less then 1500grams

By manika daswani

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