The vineyards in Valtellina stretch over steep and stony slopes, where nature has been testing the farmer for centuries, in the struggle for the realization of a wonderful, peerlees work.
Wall above wall, broken only by arduous strips of vineyards, on the rocky steps are the roots which get the richness of the soil.
The position of the valley, from East to West, allows the Rethian side to be in the sun all day long.
We follow the product from the vine to the bottle with the care that you can have when you love your job,and this is something which cannot be separated from our history.

Actually our family has given a demonstration of this passion through five generations: our father's great grandfather Giovanni was already a wine grower and maker in the far off 1860.

The peculiar morphology of Valtellina has for centuries allowed the cultivation of vitis vinifera, thanks to the optimal exposure of the Rhaetian slope, which actually completely faces  the south.

This particularly favourable microclimate is not, however, assisted by its ease of cultivation. The terraces that are home to the vines in fact cling to the rocky slope, making them particularly difficult to access in order to perform the necessary agronomic practices: all processes are therefore performed manually.
During the harvest, the grapes are transported using small baskets carried on the shoulders along trails that climb over the rocks. Wine making technology changes constantly, but we feel that by using traditional techniques we maintain the famous high quality of Valtellina wine. We hope you will enjoy discovering and tasting these wines so renowned and rich in tradition.

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