Beef Carpaccio sliced
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Beef Carpaccio sliced

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The Carne Salada is a specialty of Northern Italy; it is perfect served raw, cut thin like carpaccio. The best way to eat is to drizzle with a stream of extra virgin olive oil, and with a few ultra-thin slices lemon or chopped capers; or Parmesan cheese and arugula.


It is a quick and easy dish to prepare that does not require any cooking that can be defined a fresh summer dish: Prepare the citronette sauce squeezing lemons and placing the filtered juice in a bowl: add the oil, salt and ground pepper, and then emulsified the sauce with a fork. Divide the meat slices and place them on serving plates, sprinkle each dish with the sauce citronette, then sprinkle each dish with 25 g rocket leaves and 25 g Grana or Parmigiano.

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