Tomahawk Steak Casina
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Tomahawk Steak Casina


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VACUM was created in Spain, 10 years ago, with the main objective to sell Rustic Spanish beef meat, from the north region of Spain, Castilla y Leon. CASINA(ASTURIANA), ALISTANA SANABRESA and SAYAGUESA breed, are the top 3 breeds chosen, since they are the best rustic breeds on the region.

The Tomahawk steak is cut from the front of the beef sirloin of the CASINA(ASTURIANA). Its shape resembles the ax of Native Americans, so call tomahawk, thanks to the long bone that is left intact. The meat is very aromatic and flavorful and presents a clear " fat nucleus". The thin fibers and the strong marbling are the main features and make it tender and juicy steak.


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Remove the meat from the fridge an hour before cooking. Dry the meat and spread it with a little olive oil. Brown the meat for 2 minutes on both sides at high temperatures to prevent the leakage of juice. Gently turn the steak only once using a kitchen pliers. The subsequent low temperature cooking is very important that preferably should be done in closed grill or in the oven at ca. 120 ° C until the desired cooking level.

Cooking degrees: Rare: 48 ° C - 51 ° C temperature at the center Average: 56 ° C - 59 ° C temperature at the center Well done: 65 ° C - 70 ° C temperature at the center

Season the steak with a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. At the end let the steak rest for a few minutes rolled in foil paper, so the fibers can relax and the steak does not cool down. Hone to taste the steak with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil or a piece of herb butter. The steak canbe served in pieces or sliced ​​into strips 2-3 cm.

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