Pink Figs from Pisticci
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Pink Figs from Pisticci


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This Pink fig has the shape of a small elongated pear. It weighs from 30 to 50 grams. The skin is pink. The fine grain is of a cardinal color and sweet, reaching maturation with a content between 20 and 21 degrees Brix of sugar. It has a slight acidity aftertaste, which makes the taste of this fig very intriguing.



Figs are good eaten on their own, with prosciutto as a starter, stuffed, or used in desserts. They can be served raw for dessert with cream, custard, or macerated with sugar and liquor. They are also baked with wine and sugar and served cold, caramelised (fiche caramellati), made into tarts (crostata ai fichi), or with Bavarian cream (bavarese ai fichi). Figs can also be baked into bread (panficato). In Venice figs are cooked with liver (fegato coi fichi). In Roma, figs are often used in both savour and sweet dishes. Dried figs can be minced and made into cakes (pitta ‘mpigliata, frustingo,panetto di fiche, panforte) or stuffed (bratte/crucette/padruni).

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