Half Culatello di Zibello POD
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Half Culatello di Zibello POD


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In 1700 century we can find the first Culatello witnesses. My grandparents taught me to produce the King of the sausages, my grandfather was Giovannino Guareschi’s butcher. Because of the cold weather and because of my old and natural cellar, Culatello has a strong and sweet taste, intense in the nose and soft in the mouth.

Culatello of Zibello is a "denominazione di origine protetta" typical of Parma sausage; it means that it is protected by a consortium. Culatello in moreover catalogated as one of the typical products of "slow food" of the italian region Emilia Romagna. The culatello di Zibello's Consortium established that the production of culatello can be made only in a little part of the territory near the italian river Po. 

Culatello should be eaten alone or served with white bread and a couple curls of butter. Due to its sweetness, it is best served at the beginning of a meal when your palate is fresh and clean of other flavors and aromas.

Visually, the slice should be uniformly pink or red with white veins of fat, known as marbling. When you put a slice of culatello in your mouth, it should melt in your mouth, creating a balance of sweet and slightly savory flavors.

How to store it: Once you have begun to slice a culatello, it should be consumed within a reasonable amount of time and stored in the refrigerator, possibly wrapped in its casing with a slice of butter or protected by a piece of waxed paper. Otherwise, it can be vacuumed packed and kept in the refrigerator for a couple of months. Wine pairing: Culatello pairs well with dry, sparkling white and red wines that are not too aromatic, like Prosecco, Malvasia di Parma, Lambrusco and Fortana.

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