Smoked Scamorza di Bufala 250g

Smoked Scamorza di Bufala 250g


Price per 1 piece (250g)

Caseificio Ponte di Legno is a small producer located in Amaseno (FR) in Lazio region. Currently, about 500 buffalos are used for the production of mozzarella cheese, knots, braids, fresh ricotta and smoked, cheeses, scamorza, caciocavalli, smoked mozzarella, ricotta dried, smoked cheese, first white salt, spiced or seasoned, and the creamy cheese. The whole production is made ??exclusively with 100 percent of buffalo milk that is handcrafted raw without pasteurization.

Scamorza is a cheese made with buffalo fresh milk. The Scamorza owes its name to the shape, from the verb "Scamozzare" which means "to remove a part." It is a product with an elastic dough and uniform pale yellow colour. This scamorza in particular is smoked, used the old traditional way, with the smoke produced with bay and laurel.

Perfect sliced and combined with sun-dried tomatoes with a dry white wine. Also good with fresh sausage and peppers on a toasted bread. The perfect combination on a pizza is with speck and spicy salami.

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