Spicy Gorgonzola DOP 200g
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Spicy Gorgonzola DOP 200g


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Typical blue cheese from North of Italy, produced with pasteurized full cream milk. It is obtained from full cream cow's milk. The rind is hard and compact. The color of the rind is brownish red. The paste is firm with the typical grey green mould. It taste is strong, sharp, intense, long and aromatic. The aftertaste is long, sharp and piccante (spicy).

Curiosity: Gorgonzola is a very ancient cheese. Some say Gorgonzola was first produced in the town of Gorgonzola, near Milan, in the year 879 AD. Some other say that it was first produced in Pasturo nella Valsassina, a great cheese-making area for centuries, due to the presence of excellent natural caves where the average temperature is constantly between 6°C and 12°C. Therefore, this allows perfect making of Gorgonzola as well as several other cheeses.

Matching with mascarpone cheese and walnuts is a classical one.
Fruit, vegetables, jams, honey, mustard, chocolate… how many food types can be matched with Gorgonzola?
There is a match for every season: raw vegetables (celery, cherry tomatoes, peppers, radish), or on salads after a delicate dressing sauce has been made.
You can match it with cooked vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, and zucchini). Spicy Gorgonzola cheese is particularly good with fresh fruit (figs, pears, apples, kiwis, strawberries) or dry fruit, but mainly with jams and marmalades, mixed fruit or chestnut or fig mustards, and vegetable sauces (red onion sauce).

Spicy Gorgonzola cheese requires well-structured, valuable, aged red wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti Cl. Riserva, Amarone, etc.

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