Grotta del Caglieron Piccolo
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Grotta del Caglieron Piccolo


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Cheese produced with raw whole cow's milk from a selection of farms located in the mountain area, on the Cansiglio plateau and in the Treviso Pre-Alps.
It has a straw-colored paste, with medium-small and irregular holes, elastic, moist, not very adhesive and with good solubility.
To the nose has an intense aroma of cooked butter, yogurt, mineral notes, fermented and moist wood. On the palate it is sweet, slightly acid, with a good flavor.
It takes its name from the caves where it matures for about 90 days, the Caglieron Caves, a natural environment located in Breda di Fregona, in the province of Treviso. The complex of the Caglieron caves consists of a natural cave dotted with several quarries. The natural cavity was dug by the Caron stream, which runs through it with a series of waterfalls and potholes. The quarries, dating back to the 1500s, provided the piera dolza (sandstone) used for the construction of the jambs of the houses. To support the vault, columns were left which now form a suggestive scenario.

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