Italian Top Mix I.G.P Onions 2Kg
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Italian Top Mix I.G.P Onions 2Kg


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A unique selection of Italian top onions from different area, each one with their special taste and health benefits.
A total mix of 2Kg of the following onions:

-IGP Tropea Onion: Red onions from Tropea (IGP) are a variety of onion that grows in Calabria.The incredible sweetness of this onion makes it a real all-rounder in any dishes, it is eaten in sandwiches, pasta dishes, burgers and salads and generously sliced over pizza.

-IGP Giarratana Onion: The town of Giarratana, in the Iblei mountains (Ragusa province), has long been known for the production of large, extraordinarily sweet onions. The bulbs have a slightly squashed shape and brownish-white skin. The flesh is white and flavorful, without pungency

-IGP Montoro Onion: The onion of Montoro is a native variety from the plains of Montoro, between the provinces of Avellino and Salerno. Slightly flattened globe shape, the Montoro onion’s skin features shades of purple internally and reddish or copper externally. The taste is sweet, and it is intensely aromatic. It is excellent in any culinary preparation; it can be eaten both raw, in an innumerable variety of salads, and cooked in preparations such as soups, sauces and side dishes. Largely use for the ragù sauce

-IGP Acquaviva Onion: , the red onion IGP Acquaviva from Puglia region is renowned for its bold flavor and sweetnessThe color ranges from carmine to violet, getting completely white towards the core. The cultivation is done in accordance with tradition using nature-friendly methods.

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