Organic Spaghetti Il Cappelli Monograno Felicetti 500g

Organic Spaghetti Il Cappelli Monograno Felicetti 500g



Quintessential, classic, versatile. The most famous of all pasta shapes marries the firm texture and wholehearted taste of Il Cappelli. This timeless shape is equally suited to accompany traditional recipes, as well as the most unusual culinary inventions.

Stemming from the genius of one of the greatest, yet mostly unknown Italian agronomists, who named it after Senator Raffaele Cappelli, this stubborn and generous wheat embodies the sun of the Murgia region and the veritable, genuine tastes of the bygone century. We combine it with the purest spring water from the Dolomites to create a pasta with a vigorous, wholehearted temperament that is truly Italian. Raw, its aroma is reminiscent of jute and licorice root. Cooked, it exudes the fragrances of fresh farm milk, mashed potatoes and roasted chestnuts. It has the toothsome and lively mouth feel of buttery breadcrumbs, with an alluring final note of sea salt.

The highest quality pasta, made with the world's most exceptional grains: Matt, KHORASAN Kamut, Farro and Cappelli. Our Master Pasta-Makers skillfully transform these prized grain varieties into art, full of emotion with a harmony of fragrances and flavors.

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