Pecorino Romano DOP 300g

Pecorino Romano DOP 300g


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Pecorino Romano is a table and grating cheese, white or black coated crust made from semi-raw milk, with white color and compact tiny eyes. Hard savory and tangy cheese, intense and aromatic, tending towards spicy with aging.

Curiosity: 700 years b.C. around the city of Rome teh empire was controlling the production of Pecorino because it used to feed the soldiers with such a nutrient food. The reason why it has been always a very salted cheese has to do with the power of Rome: salt have always been a currency and having that meant to have authority. Today this cheese is mainly done in Sardinia

Key ingrediet of the traditional pasta "Cacio e pepe", "Gricia" or "Carbonara", try it with fresh broad beans and artigianal bread. Interesting the combination with honey, jams or mustards at the end of a dinner. We suggestalso to pair with important, full bodied red wines such as Cannonau di Sardegna or Carignano del Sulcis Rosso.

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