Smoked Cherries Mozzarelline di Bufala Campana DOP 25g

Smoked Cherries Mozzarelline di Bufala Campana DOP 25g


25g size in 250gr bag

The buffalo milk cherries are small mozzarella balls weighing 25 grams each in its smoked variant. It is subjected to smoke with a natural process which gives to this product a rustic flavour, energetic, wild, unique. Easily digestible, it is an excellent source of high biological value protein, it goes well with any other dish.It is the smallest form of mozzarella. The cherries are so small that they can be eaten in one bite and are therefore very suitable for the aperitif and for tasty morsels of finger food. It is a spun paste table cheese produced with whole buffalo milk. Pearly white in color, they have a smooth and shiny surface and a very thin crust. To savour all the fragrance it is advisable to leave the cherries at room temperature before consumption.

These small little "cherries" of mozzarella are just perfect for all kind of tasty risotto or pasta and also for fresh and delicious salads and sophisticated appetizers.

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