Smoked Pork Loin sliced
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Smoked Pork Loin sliced


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A masterpiece of smoking with the fragrance of aromatic herbs delivering a balance of flavour and smokiness. It has a beautiful, even pink colour. A good smell of fine herbs and delicate smoking to the nose. The flavour is sweet, balanced, with a slight hint of smoke and the right richness.

It is a very lean speciality by Levoni, obtained from pork loin, flavoured with a delicate, smoked curing with a selection of Trentino woods and stewed to give it softness. Thinly sliced, serve as carpaccio.

In a milk roll, spread a teaspoon of mascarpone cheese, add a few slices of filone and datterini tomatoes cut in half. On a fresh salad lay down slices of filone that you will season with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil garnish with diced tomatoes and thin slices of celery.

We recommend a fresh, slightly fruity white wine such as Ribolla Gialla grape.

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