Spaghetti Colatura di Alici di Cetara

Cook the spaghetti in abundant unsalted water. Pour the roughly chopped garlic, the EV Olive Oil and parsley into a bowl. Pour in the same bowl also the Colatura di Alici (1 teaspoon per pax) and gently mix with a little (3-4 spoon) of the Spaghetti cooking water. Add the cooked Spaghetti al dente and well mix for 1 minute before serving.

Ingredients for 4 people:

- Spaghetti 400 g 

- Garlic 2 cloves

- Extra virgin olive oil 150 cl.

- Parsley

- Colatura di Alici di Cetara: 1 teaspoon per person

The Colatura di Alici has a very concentrate flavour and taste for this reason can be used instead of common salt to season pasta, fish, vegetables and legumes.


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