Tenuta S. Anna

Ever since the 1970s, Tenuta S. Anna has been stretching the limits of innovation.
The care put into selecting the varietal wine, into making the most of the territory as the focal point of continuing research, the attention to detail, all constitute the foundations on which Tenuta S. Anna has modelled its success. 
The tradition goes on, and it is this perpetual innovative motion that is the guiding force behind the Azienda – because, in order to be really and truly enterprising, there has to be a historical background.
Tenuta S. Anna was founded in the early sixties in Loncon di Annone Veneto, right in the heart of the DOC Lison Pramaggiore area, where the tradition of wine-making has remained deeply-rooted since the times of the ancient Romans. 
The Azienda immediately made a name for itself thanks to its excellent products and for the distinctive feature of enhancing single varieties of grape: the inclination was to prefer single-variety vinification in such a way as to bring out the best of each grape.
Equipped with the latest technology besides professional competence and know-how, right from the beginning the Azienda stole the limelight with the distinctive quality of its own wines, becoming one of the most prominent protagonists of the Italian wine-making scene. 
To complete the whole, particular attention was given also to the bottling of the wine: the “Speciale” bottle was designed with its characteristic bell shape. 
In a time when labeling was not afforded the liberty of expression that it enjoys nowadays, an ingenious way of using a rhomboid-shaped label was found, that still today is a distinctive feature of the Azienda. Labels depicting works of art alluded to the uniqueness and prestige of each single wine.
Years of history have passed and inevitably the products have changed, yet they still conserve that essential spirit that has come to represent the Azienda, that is intrinsic to the Azienda itself: exaltation of a varietal wine, research into the peculiarities and attention to design continue to make up the ingredients of a successful accomplishment that repeats itself year after year.

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