Coppa di Parma IGP sliced
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Coppa di Parma IGP sliced


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An engaging and characterful olfactory experience. Delicate and aromatic on the palate. Coppa Parma is expertly matured and tied by hand. The slice lets see the red musculature: it has a firm appearance and it is surrounded by slightly fatty parts. The smell is immediately involved in the classic and structured notes of mature meats. The flavour praises the aromas conquered day after day with maturation in the cellars.

Coppa was already produced in the seventeenth century, and in the following century it took the name of “biondola” or salami invested. It was a salami so prestigious that those who wished to be part of the guild of lardaroli had to prove to have a certain number of salami and “biondole”. The coppa has always been considered a "noble" deli meat, so much that there is evidence of its presence at the court of the Duke Ferdinando Borbone, as a special guest for his banquets.

The Parma Cup goes hand in hand with Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Culatello, but also with Rolled Pancetta. Peculiar and delicious the pairing with soft berries, or with the classic melon. Perfect in Roman-style saltimboccaCoppa likes a white, soft wine that respects its delicate nuances.

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