High Quality Potatoes Selenella novelle
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High Quality Potatoes Selenella novelle


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Selenella is the selenium-rich potato. Produced using natural methods, healthy and delicious, Selenella unites the taste of traditional farming to modern demands for healthy foods. It’s completely safe – the production chain is closely monitored and the potatoes are GMO-free – and very good for you thanks to the beneficial effects of selenium on human health. Selenium is a very important element because it contrasts some cardiovascular diseases and it delays the cell ageing process.

Getting older, human organism produces smaller quantity of cellular energy; it entails a lower defence capacity against free radicals and higher disease risk. In order to defend itself from these risks, human body needs antioxidant substances that fight this process, like Selunium. Taking every day the right quantity of Selenium is the way to prevent ageing process, respect its own body and take care of itself.

Selenium is naturally contained in food we eat. However our daily diet is not enough to cover the optimal demand of our organism. Selenella Potato is a great help to naturally increase Selenium quantity in our diet.

For all uses , ideal as a side dish.

Novelle Potatoes are characterized by the typical mild flavor , the tender flesh yellow flesh and thinner straw color peel. They lend themselves to many preparations in the kitchen, especially as a side dish or main course.

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