Velvety puree of spinach and carrots on rice cream, corn and tapioca - 4/36 months
These items are not kept in stock they are ordered and arrive fresh from Italy twice per week.

Velvety puree of spinach and carrots on rice cream, corn and tapioca - 4/36 months


Price per 1 pack (250g)

It is one of our best sellers, at the very highest rate of appreciation for the youngest, even for the most complicated palates, and well-known as the first weaning juice! It is gluten free, light and prepared with some ingredients that naturally have a soothing effect: the right food aid for a serene and regenerating sleep. Does not contain animal protein.

Ideal for increasing the protein value to this freshly prepared cheese such as ricotta or robiola or even a raw egg yolk to be poured directly onto this hot pot.

Warning: this puree creates addiction!

Our purees do not contain salt, preservatives and have no added fats or sugars as per law.

Each pack serves 2 meals.

Our purees are fresh, you need to kept them in a refrigerator and transport them in a thermal bag, just like yogurt, fruit or milk!

There are no preservatives and unlike traditional industrial homogenizers, our pappe are not sterilized, sothey keep alive and at most all the ingredients' nutritional principles.

The use of our purees is easy! 

It takes ust one minute! Pull them out of the fridge, pull out the pan, open a corner of the transparent film that closes it, and put it in the microwave. The puree will soon be warm and ready to eat! If you prefer, you can also heat it in a maria bath or in a low heat pot. You do not have to add any other ingredient, they are ideal for dumpling outside!

Indication of use for the cap:

  • Take out from the pack, with a clean spoon, only the food your little baby will consume and warm it up. 
  • Close the rest of the pure and put it in the fridge. 
  • Store the remaining pure in the fridge and use it in the next 24 hours to preserve all nutritional values ​​and freshness.

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